May 22, 2015  

Creating Your Own Samples (FFL!)

In the age of sample packs, presets and DAW bundles, it’s often easier for us to reach into our hard drives to find sounds for our tracks, rather than grab audio from the world around us. While pre-purposed samples can do the job, it’s in recording your own sounds that true uniqueness comes out – plus it’s a lot of fun! We’ll be joined by PB Creative Director JC Concato (Björk, Massive Attack, Portishead) to show you how to get your own unique samples into your DAW, how to process them and turn them into your own personal library. Join us live at 1pm and get your questions for JC in.

If you want to learn more about recording, mixing, mastering and more, check our diploma courses online. Taught in either Logic and Ableton Live and available to take for up to 64 weeks, it’s an extremely comprehensive course and one of our most popular. Find out more here and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more FFLs, tutorials and events.

JC-Concato_croppedJC Concato (Björk, Massive Attack, Portishead) takes the FFL! challenge of recording, processing and re-sampling drums! 

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