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MANTi – Inception: Out Now on PB Music!

Fly dreams danced under Iranian skies to America and they become poems of sound. But first, they must pass through the splendid imagination of producer MANTi. Making her musical debut with EP Inception out now on Point Blank Music, this new player on the LA scene first discovered the joys of a beat through her feet.

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MANTi said: “My passion for music started at an early age. I grew up imitating pop stars and learning the choreography to my favorite songs. I loved to dance and was always looking for an excuse to throw a good party where I could play the latest songs and share my love of music with others.”

She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2014 and began her career as a Management Consultant but her passion for music never left her, so MANTi began producing in her spare time. Her two-track EP Inception draws influences from MANTI’s travels around the world and her Middle Eastern roots. Sultry and laid back, her track Inception delightfully contrasts with the purposeful striding rhythms of Wanderlust.


If the latter is the soundtrack to a determined and efficient ‘home from work leave in 20 minutes for party’ turnaround, the former represents arriving at said party, drink in hand, outfit popping, and catching a smiling glance from THAT person. Ever the dancer, MANTi starts each track by focusing closely on the drums, which she believes are the most important part of music. She likes to incorporate a lot of Tabla, Goblet and Frame drums into her music, which brings a rich, Eastern sound to her tracks.

She said: “I’m looking forward to the year ahead and can’t wait to start traveling around the world exploring different layers of sound and sharing my music with everyone.”

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