July 22, 2013  

Freddy’s Tech Tips 010: Izotonik ‘Modular’

The Max4Live community is growing fast since the release of Ableton 9 and I couldn’t help noticing a company that had already got to grips with this exciting new world.

Izotonic offers a range of Max4Live devices we should all be aware of. It is their building blocks for Ableton ‘Modular’ that have attracted my attention.

Here are a few of them:


Looping on the fly with Ableton was possible but definitely not straightforward. If you were using Traktor or Serato, you were certainly missing this all time classic technique. So Izotonik has created a device you can place on your tracks to loop your signal instantaneously and manipulate the loop once it is activated.

I have been using this device in my DJ sets for a while now and it has delivered a smooth instantaneous flow every time.


Serato users will be pleased to know that this device mimics what the Dicer does with a twist. You can move the repeat starting point and create a characteristic glitch effect.


When I met Darren E Cowley who runs Izotonik Studios, I told him of an idea I had for a Max4Live device. I needed a tool to sequence my session view scenes at ease…. and there it was! The follow device will let you set predetermined sequences of clips or scenes. Ideal for bands song structures or theatre plays.

Go and check the rest of the modular series, the APC40 and Launchpad templates might be just what you were looking for…

For more information visit: isotonikstudios.com

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