June 02, 2012  

How to Make Enhanced Podcasts / Free Samplephonics Samples

In todays tutorial Danny J Lewis shows how to add a professional edge to your mix sessions by creating enhanced podcasts in GarageBand. 

This post was originally published in DJ Magazine’s free online edition DJ Weekly issue 104

“I think it’s fair to say that modern music consumers are totally spoilt these days. It used to be that you’d get your fix of the hottest club tunes either from FM radio or via the rather expensive habit of buying compilation CDs. That was until the arrival of iPods and the concept of Podcasts.

The interpretation of the word podcast however is quite broad. To some it’s just an mp3 mix session posted up somewhere like Soundcloud. To others it’s more than that, it’s a full blown production, almost on the scale of an actual radio show. It’s a 40 or so minute mix session with voiceovers with the ability of the listener to scan forwards/backwards track by track on their music players. This latter approach is the one we’re featuring in this week’s article as it’s actually how you’re supposed to do it. Yes there are rules, go check the rights collection agencies in your part of the world to get the lowdown if you want to stay legit.

What is a ‘proper’ podcast?
So we’ve established it’s not just an audio file; it’s also a whole bunch of ‘meta data’ contained within, that can be beneficial to the artists and producers featured on your mixes. Yes it’s often ‘me me me’ this podcast lark but surely if you feature someone else’s music you should give them some props? Creating a proper podcast increases your good karma and, let’s face it, makes you look a whole lot more professional in the process. It’s possible to add detailed information, embed hyperlinks to artist pages or shops and add images to individual tracks. All of this is possible with tools that are available for download, some for free. In our video we focus on the free tool for Macs; Garageband. This tool is designed really for music producers and bands but has a dedicated Podcast creation option that’s well worth investigating. We go through the steps needed to create what’s formally known as an Enhanced Podcast.

What next?
Once the podcast has been created, you’ll have to decide where to host it and there are many options, including using iTunes for automatic distribution to any subscribers. To learn more about this subject check out the Music Business 2: Online Promotion course on Point Blank Online.”

You can listen to the full podcast put together by Danny and featured in this tutorial below. The mix features tracks from Point Blank students and tutors. Click here for the full tracklist:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/47414422″ iframe=”true” /]


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Free Samples from Samplephonics

Here’s another batch of high quality, royalty free samples, this time from our friends at Samplephonics. It includes over 170mb of loops and hits from their Warped Phonics, House Tech Tops, Electroacoustic Shaker Perc, and Conga & Tumba Loops packs.

To download the samples click the ‘pay with a tweet’ button below. Enjoy!

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