October 26, 2012  

Madam X Podcast and Interview

It’s about that time again where we bring you the next instalment in our Point Blank Podcast Series and we’re very happy to say that we’ve got an absolute banger of a mix from an ex-PB student. Madam X studied with us back in 2009 and since then she’s gone on to play all over Europe, host shows on the likes BBC 1Xtra and guest mix on Rinse FM. Check out our interview with her below and listen to her heavy mix of upfront bass music that she put together for us.

Hey Madam X, hope you’re all good!

So you were a student at Point Blank right, what did you study?

I did the 3 month DJ course back in 2009. I’d always been obsessed with music and played instruments from a young age so the fascination with Djing and performing kind of evolved early on. I did music tech at school learning how to record and produce using Ableton and Cubase but I really wanted to learn how to mix and turntable so I found Point Blank, and signed up!

And how did you find the course?

Brilliant. Mr Bristow (PB’s Head DJ Tutor) is one of the most patient men on the planet! We learnt everything from beatmatching to turntabling to scratching, to getting really down with the nitty gritty parts of the mixer and it’s internal effects.

The thing that really stood out for me was learning the old school ‘Jazzy-Jeff-inspired’ scratch techniques. Learning how to loop using the same vinyls, and using vinyls to create beats by scratching in kick drums and claps was a) really fun, and b) a really valuable experience that made me appreciate the lengths people went to back in the 80’s!

So give us a little update on what you’ve been up to since being a student with us and what you’re up to at the moment.

After finishing Point Blank I moved to Manchester to start my English Lit degree and became involved with the Murkage Cartel who are a collective of Dj’s, Mc’s & Producers who run a weekly rave every Thursday. Murkage already had a pretty big following when I arrived so I was pretty chuffed to be welcomed into it. It was a great starting point for me and helped me really develop as a club Dj and find my particular sound/style. I kind of owe everything to Murkage Dave!

I’ve also been involved with the Warehouse Project lineups and been blessed with Festival sets over the last couple of years meaning I’ve travelled quite a bit and seen some pretty cool stuff. The most unforgettable experience was probably djing at a poorly constructed Tree House at Exit Festival. I thought the tree was gonna collapse!

At the moment I’m working in developing BPM, which is a clubnight myself, Phaze One, Dj Darka & T.Dot have developed in Manchester to push Grime, UK Funky & Bass. We recently announced our decision to turn it into a record label as we constantly come across unsigned amazing Bass producers that we feel need to get more exposure. That’s kind of the main focus in creating the label. On the roster we have forthcoming releases from G.S.One, Dark0, T Vicious and Philly & Jazz. All amazing producers, and I can’t wait to get the label running!

Follow @BigPplMusic for the updates!

You’ve had a couple of shows on BBC 1Xtra, how did those come about?

1xtra phoned me up to do some radio pilots (as they were familiar with my shows in Manchester) and really supported the Murkage movement. I’d also done guestmixes on Dj Target’s show previously and been booked for their 1xtra club so I had quite a good relationship with them. After doing 2 pilots they asked me if I wanted to cover Dj Q’s shows over the summer which I was more than happy to do! I got an amazing opportunity to promote all the music that I love on a national scale and it was awesome. I’d always aimed to be at 1xtra in the future but anchoring my own show at 21 was not something my 17 year old self would’ve believed – a proper ‘pinch-me’ moment. I’m looking forward to covering more shows in the future!

So, tell us a little about the mix you’ve put together…what was the inspiration for the selection and how was it recorded?

I recorded the mix using serato and cdjs.

I’m all about Grime, UK Funky & Forward thinking Bass so this mix should reflect that.

You’ll here some exclusive material from an artist called Queenie (formerly a Point Blank student & One to watch!) and some new things from Visionist & Baxta who are on an underground bass kind of flex. There’s a bit of everything in the mix so hopefully it’ll cater to a lot of ears. When I play out I usually mix a lot of Grime vocals with these trippy forward-thinking Rustie, Hudson Mohwake-type sounds and they blend magically together so you’ll hear a lot of mashups in this half hour.

What have you got coming up next?

This weekend you can catch me at the Desperados Tent Frid/Sat for Freeze Festival at Battersea Power Station. I’ll be playing both days which should be fun!

BPM is also moving forward with its first official release with G.S.One, and we also have a party coming up with the UK Funky don Dj Champion on the 14th November at Manchester’s Roadhouse.

Other than that I’m booked to play in Paris in December and am gonna get back on a weekly Manchester radio slot so I can keep promoting new music! Oh yeh, and hopefully in between all this I’ll finish my university degree too!

Analog steak (Danny Scrilla remix) – MoreSounds
Marka – Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft. Strategy
Out in the Streets – Africa Hitech
No Coke – MoreSounds
Silo Pass (Sir Spyro) – Bok Bok
Step 15 (prod. Zdot) – Wiley
CreyBey – Morgan Zarate
3Titch – Dark0
Bugg’n – TNGHT
Duppy & Leave – M.I.K (Kahn Remix)
City Star – Rustie
I Wanna Rock (Woz Remix) – Maxsta
Var E Naaaken (Girl Unit) – Marcus Price & Carli
Ye Ye – Daphni
Mad Sax – Guido
Baby Let Me Finish – Bwana
Youngstar – Pulse X (Visionist Remix)
And Every – Queenie
Let It Go – Happa
Shake It Off – Pusherman
Only You – Baxta
Skeng (Ft Killa P) Flowdan – The Bug
Get a Grip (Ft.Mumdance) – LV
Palace Gates – Cosmic Revenge
Bloodflame – Sinjin Hawke

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