June 22, 2011  

Point Blank Alumni Roundup

At Point Blank, our ultimate aim is to provide you with as many pathways into the music industry as possible as well as the technical skills you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. With so many Point Blank students going on to have prolific careers, it’s hard to keep up with what they’re all doing, but we’ve compiled a selection of recent succeses for this Alumni Roundup.


First up, Billy Faithfull, who took our Songwriting course.
Faithfull says that ‘[Course Tutor] Phil Ramacon was amazing and the effect the course had on my own musical style has been nothing short of fundamental.’  Faithfull now has a four track EP forthcoming on Additech Records with more stuff in the pipeline including releases on several other labels.

Download Faithfull’s debut EP here and keep one eye on his soundcloud for future releases


Next up is Carsten Lubbert. He took our Minimal Techno Logic course. Carsten has definitely made the most of what he learned here at Point Blank, telling us that “Point Blank online has given me great inspiration and has provided me with solid skills for producing house music. All I can say is that it’s an unimaginable feeling to listen to your own track in a big club and to see people dancing to it! It makes it all worth it!” Now let’s go straight in with a video of his huge tune Alright getting dropped in the packed main room of Pacha, Madrid;

Download Alright here and check out the Carsten Lubert soundcloud

These guys have done well after studying at Point Blank, but what you will get here is more than classes in a studio.
Once you’ve picked up your chosen musical stylings, you’ll want to put them to some use and this is where our pastoral side comes in to play. Our team of expert tutors all work in the music industry and we have built strong ties with labels, producers, sound engineers and other music professionals. Point Blank students can take full advantage of these connections to find work and you can certainly find employment oppurtunities through the contacts you make here.

Robin Shaw
is a perfect example. He applied for a role at Need Want record label through our music industry careers page and ended up getting the job! Like many of you readers, Rob had a talent that he wanted to put to good use by working in music, which he is now doing.

‘When looking for jobs within the industry I knew Point Blank would be a great resource. Now after three months work I produce and champion the Future Disco radio show which airs on over 15 stations worldwide.’ – Robin Shaw.

Check out the Future Disco site and also check out Robin’s personal soundcloud

Julian Budziszewski aka Joolski also took our Minimal Techno Logic course and is now tearing up dance floors with mixes and his own original productions.

Joolski says that ‘The Minimal Tech course I took was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. These courses will get you making music in no time, but the most important point for me is, they get you making music effectively and constructively in your chosen Genre or DAW instead of scratching around trying to learn from Magazines and Trial and Error.’

He has already had his debut release; a remix of Autim – Weaving Dreams on Sound of Juan Records, and has his second release; a remix of d00sh – Moshii Sounds set for July 4th on Endemic Records. He also has a completely original production forthcoming on Sound of Juan Records.

Last but by no means least is Ruth Ling.

This talented artist already had a degree in Sound Production and Engineering when she joined us but still benefited from our courses and our connections to the industry.

Ruth says that ‘Learning tips and tricks from the experienced tutors at Point Blank has enhanced my creativity in not just in studio production, but also in live performance.’

The Ruth Ling Soul band’s recent gig at the Spice of Life in Soho was met with an extremely positive response. You can catch Ruth playing live at The Troubadour in London on July 6th but tickets are expected to go quickly so make sure you get yours early!

Check out Ruth Ling’s site.


Congrats to all these guys for their various successes and all the best for the future. We’re looking forward to seeing more releases, more gigs, more prominence! PB love.

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