April 18, 2013  

Point Blank In The Mix 001: hik&nunk

Here’s the first in a brand new series from the team here at Point Blank. As we are musical in one way or another, we thought it would be great to share our love of music with all of our fans – so here’s the first installment of Point Blank In The Mix… a new series where a different member of staff puts together a mix, or playlist that really represents what they’re about. For the first mix we’ve enlisted the talents of our Marketing Assistent hik&nunk, a Frenchman with a typically refined taste in electronic music!

Get to know more about hik&nunk with this brief interview and enjoy the mix below.

Point Blank In The Mix 001: hik&nunk by Point Blank

Name: Jonathan Cornacchia
Age: 24
Hometown: Metz (France)
Role at Point Blank: Marketing Assistant
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hik_nunk
Favourite producer(s): Terre Thaemlitz
Favourite tune at the moment? Numb / Anthea
Favourite tune/song of all-time? Midtown 120 Blues / DJ Sprinkles
Tell us about your mix… I wanted to make a lazy techno mix, sparkled with some jazzy influences here and there…
Any tips or advice for PB+ readers? It shouldn’t matter if you have the best hardware in the world, or even if you’re using an old version of Ableton on an old laptop. We tend to forget that, before the instrument comes the talent… it’s weird hearing so many people swearing only by analogue synthesisers but wouldn’t be able to hear the difference with a digital version. Don’t believe those who say it is all about what you have in your studio, they are wrong, they forget music is all about giving…

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