May 17, 2013  

Point Blank In The Mix 002: ERI2

Welcome back to our Point Blank In The Mix series, where we provide a brand new mix from a member of the team here at Point Blank. This month it’s the turn of ERI2, DJ and producer who hails from Portugal and is now employed full-time here at the college in east London. He’s supplied us with an energetic mix that will be sure to have you bopping away!

Enjoy the mix, and short interview, below…

Point Blank In The Mix 002: ERI2 by Point Blank

Name: Diogo Tenreiro

Age: 27

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal

Role at Point Blank: College Assistant


Favourite producer(s): Format:B, Carlo Lio, Max Cooper, Alan Fitzpatrick and many many more.

Favourite tune at the moment? Ambivalent – Iwato (Original mix) [Cocoon]

Favourite tune/song of all-time? Very difficult to name just one! I have so many favorite tunes… But regarding electronic music, “Jaydee – Plastic Dreams” has been one of my favorite tunes for such a long time.

Tell us about your mix… This mix was done the way I usually play out, but this time using a digital method, through Traktor mixing four decks but mainly using three decks to blend in loops and other elements on the mix. I wanted this one to have a progression from a kind of deep minimal passing through some tech house grooves and ending, as I usually like to do, with more driving techno. And always with some musicality. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Any tips or advice regarding the music industry for PB+ readers? Love what you do above all, take advice but always follow your heart and transform that love into motivation. Don’t stick to just one or two genres, listen to good quality music whatever genre it is, this will open your sonic horizon and allow you to bring inspiration from different sources. Always keep in contact with people and meet new people, networking is one of the most important things to spread your work/music. And finally be humble and have fun!

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