April 13, 2012  

Point Blank Podcast Series – Sonarpilot Audio

We’re kicking off our brand new podcast series with an exclusive label mix from Sonarpilot Audio, a label run by none other than Point Blank’s own Jonny Miller who teaches a range of our Ableton Live courses, such as Ableton Live Production and the Ableton Live Dubstep course. This exclusive mix features a selection of Sonarpilot Audio releases as well as two world exclusive cuts that you won’t be hearing anywhere else. Our monthly series of podcasts will be bringing you mixes from our tutors, students and of course some of our big name DJ and producer friends.

Sonarpilot Audio and Jonny Miller

For now, let’s find out a little more about the Sonarpilot Audio label and the mix…

As the label grows, the list of established artists who’s names have appeared on Sonarpilot Audio release labels has become more formidable, tastemakers from the worlds of Dubstep, Techno and House have delivered cutting edge remixes for a label that never stands still.

The label’s start up release was Sonarpilot’s debut album, entitled the Mothership, a double CD journey of electronica inspired by Moppert’s travel and life experiences.

It was around this time that Point Blank Online tutor Jonny Miller met Michael who was expanding his knowledge by taking a Logic class at the school. Michael was looking for someone to help connect him with the underground electronic scene and expand the label; Jonny had the experience of running digital imprints, possessed a weighty address book and naturally took up the challenge. The resulting series of Sonarpilot Remix EPs helped establish the label further within the world of cutting edge electronica and led to the two even collaborating together in the studio.

Mothership LP artwork

Artists like Ramadanman (AKA Pearson Sound), Simbad, Marcus Intalex, Oriol and Soy Mustafa are just some of the names who have become involved with the Sonarpilot Audio project over time, delivering remix productions for the label that refuses to sit still and settle into a single genre.

A solid example of this is Sonarpilot Audio’s most recent release ‘Ocean Dub’ – part of EP5. Whilst tutoring the Point Blank Online Dubstep Course (of which Jonny also wrote and developed) he spotted the potential talent of one of his students, Even Roberts and asked him to get involved. The resulting “Singapore Bass” remix of Ocean Dub headlined the release and set the Asian electronic music scene alight along the way. The bass heavy, dubstep edged track was playlisted for nearly a fortnight on legendary DJ Bobby Friction’s BBC Asian Network show and struck a chord with bass music fans around the world. Another pin on Sonarpilot’s musical map of the world.

Along with fresh Sonarpilot productions for single releases, the label is planning a special multi format compilation release during the summer of 2012 to showcase the label’s output thus far. Along with that and after working together on the Sonarpilot EP4, Jonny and Michael will head back into the studio together developing projects that will always be inspired by ‘People, places and travel’ a phrase that has become their label motto.

Check the podcast, mixed by Jonny Miller in Ableton Live 8

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1. Sonarpilot – June Dub (Brendon Moeller Remix) – Exclusive first play
2. Sonarpilot – Freefall
3. Sonarpilot – Voodoo Logic (Ramadanman AKA Pearson Sound Remix)
4. Sonarpilot – Open House – Exclusive first play
5. Sonarpilot – Flotsam (Oriol Remix)
6. Sonarpilot – Radar (Trevino Remix)
7. Sonarpilot – Ocean Dub 8. Sonarpilot – Corrosion (Viva Shade Remix)

Find out more about Sonarpilot Audio right here.

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