July 26, 2012  

Point Blank Podcast Series – Gerra & Stone

Next up in our podcast series comes a stormer of a mix from duo Gerra & Stone. Harry Hackett and recent Point Blank graduate David Stone, who spent the last year studying the Intensive Music Production and Sound Engineering Diploma with us, are a Drum & Bass duo from Southampton UK currently making some serious waves in the scene.

Their Debut EP was released on Basher’s Proximity Recordings imprint back in February, and went straight in at number 4 in the Drum & Bass Arena chart. Since then they have gone on to release more singles on Proximity and Alignment records, gaining support from the likes of DJ Hype, S.P.Y, Marky, Kasra, Doc Scott & Nu:Tone to name a few. It was definitely a positive start for the duo, cemented with Knowledge Magazine naming them in their “Top 10 Drum & Bass producers to watch in 2012” article.

Looking forward the guys are to release their next singles ‘Make it Right’ and ‘Melting pot’ for new label Scientia Music on August 24th. On September 2nd, a very special remix of their track “Droneheads” is to be released on Alignment Records. The remix is by none other than Octane & DLR, so trust us when we say this one is a killer! After this the duo have more singles to be released on Proximity recordings in early Autumn with more details to follow soon.

Gigs wise, you can catch Gerra & Stone performing at Outlook Festival this summer, as well as a host of other events around the UK and Europe in the coming months. Definitely ones to keep your eyes/ears on in 2012!

Check their mix for us below and make sure you keep up to date with them via their Facebook page.

1. Nickbee & Sunchase – Mangup – Invisible Dub
2. Gerra & Stone – The Seventh – Dub
3. Amoss – New Jack Swing – Dispatch
4. Silent Witness – Runtime – Dispatch Dub
5. Vicious Circle & Kasra – Black Walls – Critical
6. Kollectiv – Launch Pad – Scientia Dub
7. Gerra & Stone – Strapped – Proximity Dub
8. Dub Phizix – Rat Race – Dub
9. Photek – Knitevision – Science Records
10. Indigo – Symbol #7.1 – Auxiliary
11. Axon – Pinpoint – Proximity Dub
12. Gerra & Stone – Smoke n’ Mirrors – Proximity Dub
13. M-Zine & Scepticz – Dejected – Dub
14. Future Cut – Whiplash – Renegade Hardware
15. Xtrah & Foreign Concept – Harsh Reality – Critical
16. Amoss – Minus (Hybris remix) – Horizons music Dub
17. DJ Hype – Peace, Love & Unity (Basher remix) – Playaz Dub
18. Clarity & Overlook – Chinatown – 31 Records Dub
19. Gerra & Stone- Daywalker – Dub
20. Amoss & Dabs – Latch – Dispatch
21. Raiden – Dove from Above – Hospital Records Dub
22. Gerra & Stone – Droneheads (Octane & DLR remix) – Alignment Dub
23. Meth & Stone – Granular – Dub
24. Matrix & Fierce – Climate – Metro

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