June 06, 2011  

Point Blank Student has music commissioned for TV

Back in the heady days of 2008, you may have turned on your televsision set (not even HD or 3D!) and found yourself engrossed in an advert for time keeping Goliaths Swatch. You may not have known though, that its soundtrack was written by former Point Blank student Jake Warren.

Swatch approached Point Blank to supply the music for their latest advertising campaign. We put the word out to all our students and circulated the brief. Of all the tracks sent in, music production student Jake Warren’s stood out from the crowd. As a result, Jake  landed himself the ad soundtrack along with a substantial fee! The ad was screened across Europe and would have been seen and most importantly heard by countless people, giving Jake not only a bit of cash, but also some great exposure to kick start his path towards a career in music.

Telling us of his jubilation at having his music chosen for the advert Jake said:
“Amazing. I entered my track knowing it was an open pitch and when I got it, I couldn’t really believe it. This has always been something I wanted to do, which is why I came to Point Blank in the first place – now it all seems to be coming into place”

With his first advert out there and broadcast, Jake siezed the opportunity to do more audio visual work and has now got a wealth of projects under his belt.

His latest advert that has recently begun screening on national TV is for the instantly recognizable Walls Sausages brand. You can check out Jake’s music (which takes a heavy Mike Skinner, Streets infulence its fair to say), below:

Talking about how he goes about composing for a set brief by an advertising agency, Jake said that:
“The creatives usually have a pretty good idea of what they want – so the key is to tick all the boxes first. Get the brief spot on. Once you’ve done that, you try to go the extra mile and give them something which does more than the words on paper. You can be as philosophical as you like with it: I try to balance that side of things with the general premise of making something people will want to hear over and over again!”

On top of these two adverts, Jake is the in-house music producer for SBTV – The UK’s largest online entertainment channel. He also created the sonic branding for the channel which is available to download as a ringtone from iTunes by searching ‘sbtv’.

When asked about how he would advise people looking to get into this field of music themselves Jake said:
“For People just getting started, it’s a case of presenting yourself in the best light possible, in the hope that someone will give you a chance. It’s catch 22 only up to a point. If you’re a new guy coming up, there is a potential advantage to be had. The recipe for success is out there – look at the guys who’s work you admire and find out their path – and tailor it to your own situation.”

Jake’s next project will be the soundtrack to Nokia’s new global advertising campaign which is due to be launched some time this month. Check out his other videos via his vimeo showreel here and follow his projects by following him on twitter @warren_jake.

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