August 14, 2012  

Pimp my Ride: Top 10 Most Pumped up DJ Rides

We all like a bit of radio to lighten up those long car drives, but these guys take the idea of portable music to a whole new level.

Ever been stuck in the parking lot wishing a mobile DJ squad would show up and pump out tunes to alleviate your painful boredom?

No room for the shopping but plenty for blasting out bass

It may look like something out of Back to the Future (complete with a mad scientist on the roof!) but we’ll bet it kicks up serious noise

Now that is how to make a snowmobile

Looking like a cross between a tank and R2-D2 we’re not quite sure what it is but it’s definitely loud

A monster truck with even more monstrous sound

And here you were thinking all white vans were packed with cardboard boxes and tool kits…

Enter the bass bus

This diesel run beast is capable of some serious noise pollution

Bow down before the King of sound systems

And here is an optional extra for those of you whose budgets can’t quite accomodate a full on DJ vehicle

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