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Remix Competition: No.1 Hit ‘Unbelievable’, EMF. Win a Course and Komplete 11

Who remembers this one? We have an unbelievable (sorry) opportunity for Point Blank students and graduates this week. A remix of an absolute classic by EMF – ‘Unbelievable’. That’s right – we’ve teamed up with EMF’s songwriter and guitarist, Ian Dench, and got our hands on the stems of one of the early nineties biggest hits. To enter, send an email to and we can provide private access to the stems. Please note that you won’t be able to share them, or your finished track until approved – submissions must be made privately to Point Blank only. The winning entrant will win a free ‘Complete’ online course and a copy of Komplete 11 by Native Instruments, worth £1,700. The winning remix also has the chance to be signed and released by the artist! These are the kind of opportunities you get on a regular basis when studying at Point Blank.

‘Unbelievable’ was released in 1991, a concise distillation of the vibe and feel of the Madchester style of guitar music that had gripped the UK. At the time, there were countless bands mining the same rich vein in the post-rave landscape, but something about ‘Unbelievable’ took it to the top of the Billboard chart in the USA, breaking into the American psyche where so many had failed.

After the band split in 1997, Ian Dench went on to form the band Whistler, who released two LPs in ‘Whistler’ and ‘Faith in the Morning’. Later, he became a songwriter for hire and has penned hits for the likes of Shakira, The Prodigy and Beyoncé. Tracks by Dench have also appeared in the ITV series The Halycon.

Remixing is a key part of producing dance music, is covered extensively on our comprehensive BA (Hons) in Music Production and Engineering degree, also available online. Check out our other schools too in Ibiza, Mumbai and LA. For more info, or to book a tour of one of our schools, speak to a course advisor.

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