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Reverb Essentials (FFL!)

Unless you’re in an anechoic chamber, no sound you hear in the real world is 100% dry. Reverb defines the sounds we hear and is a big part of how our brain places the sounds around us. When mixing, we are restricted to two sound sources – the left and right speaker – so we have to artificially place sounds within a ‘space’ using reverb and other spatial effects. However misuse of reverb can cause smeared, cloudy and muddy mixes.

With our latest Friday Forum Live, we’ll be looking back at the evolution of reverb, how to use it effectively and what mistake to look out for. All of the tips we’ll be looking at are from our mixing and mastering courses. There, you’ll learn about reverb in more depth (sorry), as well as EQ, compression, mastering and many, many more audio science fundamentals. At a time where labels expect a finished product when submitting a tracks, being able to mix your tracks to a professional standard is vital.

Find out more about this course here and make sure you tune in to FFL! at 1pm. And remember – we are live and interactive so put your questions in the comments and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials, live events and course previews.

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Editor’s Note: This is an old article and things have moved on considerably since the original publication date 🙂

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