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20 LGBTQ Artists You Should Be Listening To

Arguably one of the most diverse sectors in the world, the music industry is host to a wealth of artists and contributors from all walks of life. As it’s pride month, we’ve decided to spotlight some of our favourite LGBTQ artists by compiling a playlist packed with gems new and old. Although many festivals and gatherings have been cancelled due to the current global climate, we can still celebrate pride by showing our support to the endless stream of talent the LGBTQ community bring to the musical space.

Tune in below to hear experimental club tracks, uncompromising grime flows, shimmering pop edits, ultra-smooth R&B jams and much more. If you’d like to show further support to any of these artists or movements they represent, buy their singles, their merch and go to their shows (when you can). Find out how you can support Black Trans Lives Matter by heading here.

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