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3 DJ Mixes You Need to Hear This Month: August (Sim Hutchins, Shy One & Nammy Wams)

Welcome to our roundup of mixes you need to hear this month, where we spotlight some of the best that electronic music has to offer in the form of forward-thinking track selections, pure club annihilation and new unreleased cuts from our favourite artists.

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Sim Hutchins – Dummy Mix 594

Briefly stepping away from his usual club-centric selections, Essex-based DJ and audio-visual artist Sim Hutchins chefs up a fusion of rap tracks for his Dummy Mix. Speaking about the mix, the producer explains: “There’s an escapism in listening to Chief Keef rapping about his favourite brand of jeans, or Young Scooter dropping wikiHow-like bars on making millions in the skreets; these are young black people using their voices to change their life and you can’t help but be motivated when listening to that.”

Shy One – Crack Mix 371

Crack Magazine enlisted Shy One to put together just over an hour of music for their Crack Mix 371. The mix represents a “journey through some of London’s scenes, clubs, communities and sounds,” according to the London-based producer.

Nammy Wams – DJ Mag Fresh Kicks 141

Laced with skittering hi-hats, gliding 808s and slick flows, Nammy Wams mix for DJ Mag’s Fresh Kicks delivers drill bangers from start to finish. To hear more from the Croydon DJ and producer, be sure to tune into his radio show on Croydon FM every Tuesday from 8-10pm GMT or via

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