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3 Reasons Why Creating Content is Important for Musicians in 2024

Exactly how important is content creation for emerging talent? The age-old question that can divide generations and nations. The reality is we’re entering an era where most effective music marketing is determined by its exposure rate on social media. Major labels are no longer necessary for a successful career and nearly everything can be done in your bedroom. So in short, we’d say it’s at its peak of importance. This is one of the things we teach in our degree module, Marketing and Branding is where we teach you comprehensively how you can utilise the power of social media content to boost your music. Find out more here.

Put yourself in the position of a fan. Think about the artists, bands, or musicians that you love. As a fan, wouldn’t you prefer to stay updated with their journey? From their next album, their studio sessions, or even their favourite foods. It doesn’t necessarily matter what they post, we can almost guarantee you’d still want to know what they’re up to keep up with their music journey. Now, the same concept applies to an emerging talent. Other than making excellent music, your main goal is to expand your fanbase – and the fastest way to achieve it is to post on social media. How do we know for sure?

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1. Developing Connection

Probably the most obvious answer – you’re creating a connection with people other than your bedroom walls. There are eight billion people on the planet, you are bound to find people that understand your idiosyncrasies, humour, music style, and vision. These are the people that understand your personality to the core. By far the greatest way to lock in loyalty.

2. Online Relevancy

There’s a reason why the word ‘Rihanna’ is synonym to universal. Her daily posts about music, family, or business guarantees her on people’s feed almost every day – a psychological tactic that keeps you in the audience’s mind. Ultimately, a great way to shift from the status of ‘Unknown’ to ‘Relevant’ – providing persistent reminders of who you are without coming across as pushy.

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3. Global Reach

The digital algorithm can reach a much wider scale compared to gigs. For most emerging talents, you’re stuck playing for the local pub or a grassroot venue. If talent is lucky, they reach around 100 people per gig. If you’re unlucky…well…let’s just say we’ve all been there. On the other hand, if you post a video that’s entertaining, you can easily reach millions of people – without leaving your bedroom.


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A great example of an emerging talent with eye-grabbing content is one of our very own PB Alumni, Talia Roux. Garnering over 12K followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands views, she consistently posts song covers, live performances, behind the scenes, and intimate moments online. Solidifying strong engagement from the crowd, she’s captured the hearts of many fans. Check out her one of her many viral videos!

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