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5 More DJ Hacks You Should Know

In our latest blog, we’re diving into the realm of DJing once again with “5 More DJ Hacks You Need to Know”. After the success of our previous insights, we’re here to unravel another set of tricks to elevate your DJ skills to the next level. These hacks, inspired by a recent video presented by DJ Ravine and Mr. Bristow in Studio 4 at Point Blank London, will not only refine your workflow but also prepare you for some unique performance scenarios. If DJing is something you wish to pursue, take a look at our vast range of DJ courses available at Point Blank London, LA, Ibiza and Online.

Splitting Hot Cue Points Across Multiple Tracks

A game-changing hack is the ability to split hot cue points across different tracks, a feature many DJs overlook. By disabling the ‘Hot Cue Auto Load’ option on your CDJ, you can retain hot cues from a previous track even after loading a new one. This allows for creative mixing and matching, giving you the power to mash up multiple tracks from a single deck​​.

Using Headphones as a Microphone

Ever found yourself in need of a microphone but only had your headphones at hand? This classic hack can save your gig. By plugging your headphone jack into the microphone input, you can use one of the headphone cans as a makeshift microphone. While it’s not ideal for high-quality vocal reproduction, it’s a fantastic trick for making announcements or adding a unique touch to your set​​.

Creating Beat Grids and Overviews without Recordbox

For DJs using Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000s, there’s good news. Even if you haven’t processed your tracks with Recordbox, loading them from a folder now generates waveform overviews and beat grids on the fly. This ensures that you can still utilize quantized loops and have accurate BPM readings, making it an excellent backup strategy for managing your music library​​.

Converting Tag Lists into Playlists

The Tag List function is incredibly handy for planning sets on the fly. However, did you know you can convert these tag lists into permanent playlists? This function is invaluable for preserving the perfect set list, allowing you to revisit and refine it even after the gig is over​​.

Utilizing Slip Mode with Hot Cues

Another sophisticated technique involves the use of Slip Mode in conjunction with hot cues. This allows you to momentarily trigger another track’s hot cue while the current track continues playing underneath. When you release the hot cue, the music snaps back to the original track, offering seamless integration of samples or beats from various tracks​​.

These hacks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creative possibilities available to modern DJs. By exploring these techniques, you can push the boundaries of what’s possible in a live set, making your performances stand out.

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