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A Night Out At Point Blank Recordings Artist Showcase

Last Tuesday’s Point Blank Recordings showcase was nothing short of spectacular, offering a vivid tableau of musical brilliance at the venue, TT Liquor. Our talented artists illuminated the evening, each performance a testament to their unique artistry and the high-calibre teaching provided by Point Blank Music School.

Spotlight on Talent

The lineup was stellar. Sam the Zoologist, our quirky maestro, blended nostalgic sounds with modern tales of love, his performance a rich tapestry of emotion. Lita Lores infused the night with her edgy, genre-blending sounds and striking imagery. Leah Haworth brought her heartfelt songwriting from Lancashire to the stage, her lyrics resonating deeply with an engaged crowd. Lastly, Talia Roux’s performance was a profound narrative of personal growth and her music a bridge connecting her experiences with those of her audience.

Each artist not only performed but shared their journeys, illustrating the impact of Point Blank’s nurturing environment on their artistic development. The event wasn’t just a showcase but a pivotal networking hub, with music from our artists filling the air, ripe for consideration by label managers present.

Afterwards, the ‘Meet the Label’ session offered an intimate glimpse into the passionate team steering the Point Blank Recordings ship. It was an evening not just of music, but of meaningful connections and shared aspirations.

About the Label

Point Blank Recordings is our in house record label where we champion our graduates, students and talented individuals alike. Our label leverages the broad spectrum of resources that Point Blank Music School offers including:

  • Professional A&R career guidance from industry leaders in the UK music business, helping you navigate your path to success. Our A&R Director is none other than industry veteran, Kwame Kwaten who has over 30 years of experience industry including having a no.1 track with D’Influence, being shortlisted for a Mercury Prize and being supported by the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince.
  • Access to professional recording studios, equipped with the latest technology to bring your music to life.
  • Extensive music industry contacts to help you network and grow your presence in the music world.
  • Worldwide digital distribution & tailored marketing campaigns, ensuring your music reaches fans across the globe.
  • A global audience of over 2 million people through Point Blank Music School’s networks, offering unprecedented exposure.

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read and think your music aligns with the innovative spirit of Point Blank Recordings, we’re eager to hear from you. Submit your tracks to and who knows? The next showcase could be featuring you.

Looking Forward

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our artists. Keep an eye out for our next showcase, which promises to be just as inspiring. For those looking to break into the music industry or enhance their skills, consider enrolling in one of our courses at Point Blank Music School. Whether it’s music production, sound engineering, or music business, we’re here to help you turn your passion into a career. Explore our courses today!

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