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Chopin’s Nocturne No. 20 in C♯ minor on Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Piano

This week at Point Blank Music School, we’re thrilled to share a captivating video featuring our music composition module leader and concert pianist, Elena Alekseeva. In a mesmerizing performance, Elena breathes life into Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne No. 20 in C♯ minor, using the sophisticated Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Piano. This rendition is not just a musical treat but also a glimpse into the innovative spirit that defines Point Blank.

Elena’s performance is a perfect example of how traditional music and modern technology can create something truly extraordinary. The Nocturne, a classic piece full of emotion and depth, gains a new dimension through the use of the Spitfire Audio piano. This instrument, known for its rich and authentic sound, allows for a nuanced interpretation of Chopin’s work, highlighting why it’s an integral part of our teaching resources.

The integration of such advanced tools in our curriculum is reflective of our BSc (Hons) Music Systems Engineering course, MuSE. While the course encompasses the realms of music production, coding, and software design, it’s the hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology that truly sets it apart. It’s about understanding the interplay between music and tech, something Elena’s performance illustrates beautifully.

Our partnership with Spitfire Audio is a testament to our commitment to providing students with access to the best resources. The Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Piano is just one example of the kind of industry-standard tools our students can expect to work with, enabling them to push the boundaries of music and technology.

If you’re looking to produce music and learn key composition skills, our Music Production and Sound Engineering course could be right up your alley. Discover how you can combine traditional music concepts with the latest in sound engineering technology to create your unique sound. Visit us at Point Blank Music School and take the first step towards mastering the art of music production and sound engineering.

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