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Compression 101 (FFL!)

Compression is one of the most misunderstood and misused techniques in production. With varying controls, response and layout across everything from vintage hardware to modern clinical plugins, it can be confusing to know which type to use on which material, and why. We’re going back to basics in this week’s Friday Forum Live, looking at compression 101 – what it is, what it does, how it works and when to use it.

PB Head of School JC Concato joins us for a compression session live at 1pm GMT so tune in and get your questions in the chat room! Of course there’s only so much we can cover on FFL so if you want to learn more about compression, mixing, mastering and much more, our diploma courses both online and here in London will take your productions to the next level. Up to 64 weeks in length, it’s one of our most comprehensive courses and can be taken in either Logic Pro or Ableton Live. Find out more here.

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Editor’s Note: This is an old article and things have moved on considerably since the original publication date 🙂

For more information head over to the Point Blank Music School website to learn the very latest about our school.

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