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DJ Ravine Studies at Point Blank in London! Watch Week Four of His Vlog

A few weeks ago we welcomed Australian DJ and vlogger DJ Ravine to study with us in London. Due to his excellent YouTube channel and series of demos and instructional videos we were delighted to collaborate with him last year on an introduction to Ableton video. We enjoyed it so much that we invited him back to study with us this year, and he kindly agreed to keep us in the updated on his progress on his educational journey. He’s never had any formal training, so he’s studying Intro to Music Production, as well as courses in Music Composition and Sound Engineering. Check out these modules, plus our other combinations of study topics at our London school’s webpage. Four weeks in, here’s his latest video.

This week Ravine takes us along to his Sound Engineering class to get a glimpse at what he and his group have been assigned. First Anthony Chapman gives us a quick lesson on the three most common types of microphone used in music: dynamic, condenser and ribbon mics. Later, we join Ravine at one of the PB-hosted Native Meetups, where producers come and share tips and pointers with instructors and Native Instruments experts. One of those experts, Doug McAvoy shares a brief lowdown on what goes on at these meetups. Finally, we return to Ravine’s studio where we see the end result of he and his group’s remix of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’, using a drum and bass break and some big bass drops.

Check back next week for another edition of DJ Ravine’s vlog with us. Meanwhile, why not take a look at our YouTube channel for more instructional videos, as well as demonstrations and previews. Or take a look at our full list of production courses in London and Online. For more info and to talk to a course advisor, call us on +44 20 7729 4884.

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