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DJ Ravine Studies at Point Blank in London! Watch Week Three of His Vlog

A few weeks ago we welcomed top Australian DJ and vlogger DJ Ravine to study with us in London. Having collaborated with him the past on instructional videos, something he does excellently on his own YouTube channel, he has kindly agreed to keep us in the updated on his progress with his studies with us. Despite his experience as a DJ and having dabbled with production in the past, Ravine joined us having had no formal training. As such he is studying Intro to Music Production, as well as courses in Music Composition and Sound Engineering. Check out these modules, plus our other combinations of study topics at our London school’s webpage. Without further ado, let’s take a look at week 3.

This week DJ Ravine first spends some time setting up his home studio so he can work on his tracks at home outside of class. As he points out, Point Blank students can get up to 50% off software and gear including Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments and Ableton, so you can get everything you need to start making proper strides in your music making without breaking the bank. He also took some time out from his studies to attend our open-mic night hosted by Grammy award-winning PB instructor Phil Ramocon, where every fortnight anyone can show off their skills at the pub just over the road from our studios on Orsman Road.

In terms of classes, this week introduced some theory for the first time from Ravine, and we are treated to chat between himself and composition instructor Linton Bennett, who reveals his motto to be “technique is the ability to do what your imagination requires”. What he means by this, is by learning theory, in this case, chords, keys and scales, students are simply being given the tools to extract what they hold in their heads in a cohesive manner. After this little chat, Ravine shares with us the basic chord structures he learned with this week’s study.

Check back next week for another edition of DJ Ravine’s vlog with us. Meanwhile, why not take a look at our YouTube channel for more instructional videos, as well as demonstrations and previews. Or take a look at our full list of production courses in London and Online. For more info and to talk to a course advisor, call us on +44 20 7729 4884.

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