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At Point Blank, we like to treat our students right, which frequently means lavishing them with free stuff. In fact, we regularly build our own plugins and then give them away to our students for absolutely zilch. Check out the videos below for more info and remember, these are just a very small selection of the freebies and discounts you get when you enrol on any course at Point Blank. Not a student? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you out in the cold. You can find free sample packs and course samples on the Free Stuff section of our website. No need to thank us, we do it for the love.

Ableton Max for Live Free Plugin: PB Graphic Sound Generator

The Graphic Sound Generator allows you to create a sound by simply drawing in the frequency content directly onto the screen. This sound design tool is based on the principles of Joseph Fourier, and maps frequency against time with amplitude represented by the intensity of the line. Watch the video above, which shows you how to get the most out of the plugin. To get your hands on it, you have to enrol on one of our courses.

Formant Filter Device

The Formant Filter Device features a built in synth, as well as dynamic filter and pitch modulation. Formant filters replicate the different vowel sounds of the human voice, and can be used to create the talking bass sound that’s favoured by dubstep producers, although it’s possible to create the same sound using a number of other techniques. Check the video above for more info on this plugin.

Big Riff Generator

The Big Riff Generator and is capable of generating some monster riffs or funky basslines depending on how you use it. It only generates MIDI notes, so you’ll need to insert it just before an instrument device and choose a suitably fat sound. It bounces notes directly into the selected clip, and can produce an infinite amount of monophonic patterns.

You’ll have a blast seeing what musical ideas the Big Riff Generator can come up with, and after some playing around with the parameters you never know, it might just produce the killer hook that you’ve been looking for. It’s not limited to pitched sounds, so try it out with drums, and as with any plugin of this nature, expect to tweak the patterns in the clip window and just use this as a starting point.

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