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‘Fifths’ Track Breakdown with Ski Oakenfull ft. Rhodes V8 Pro Plugin

In our latest video, Ski Oakenfull does a deep dive with the Rhodes V8 Pro, a plugin that digitally recreates the iconic Rhodes Mark 8 electric piano. This piece of software brings the legendary sound into the digital age, offering a bridge between classic tonality and modern music production. Ski uses his track ‘Fifths’ to showcase the Rhodes plugin and its iconic sound. If sound design and music production interest you, check out our Music Production & Sound Engineering degree where you’ll learn skills like these to create your own music.

Ski delves into the nuances of this plugin, showcasing its ability to emulate the timeless sound of the Fender Rhodes. From adjusting the tone to tweaking the built-in effects, the Rhodes V8 Pro is celebrated for its authentic sound reproduction, dynamic range, and expressive control. Ski’s enthusiasm for the Fender Rhodes further shines through as he shares his personal connection with the instrument, having owned a Rhodes unit himself. Ski’s Fender Rhodes Stage 88 Mk1 was the original piano used in ‘Fifths’. The Rhodes V8 Pro plugin understands the assignment perfectly, seamlessly blending into the track and building a conduit between the analog past and the digital future. Another classic making a cameo is the Roland JV-2080 in digital form from Roland Cloud as the JV-1080.

For those intrigued by the blend of technology and creativity in music production, we offer courses like our BSc (Hons) Music Software Engineering. This program is designed to equip students with the skills to craft their own plugins, opening up endless possibilities in sound design. Point Blank students also gain exclusive access to a comprehensive Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), packed with a plethora of free modules, resources, and interactive forums designed to enhance and support their educational journey. From bespoke 1-2-1 sessions with industry experts, access to a wide range of events and masterclasses, to opportunities for real-world industry experience, we provide an enriching platform to help you reach your full potential in the music industry. Point Blank Music School is your gateway to mastering the art of sound. Enrol today in one of our many global campuses (London, LA, Ibiza, Online) and start shaping the future of music with us.

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