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First Look: Exploring Ableton’s New Mobile App Ableton Note w/ Ski Oakenfull

If you’re anywhere as obsessed with music production as us, you’ll have heard that Ableton recently unveiled a brand new iOS music-making app, Ableton Note. As is tradition with the release of new production software, we had to give it a whirl. For this, Ski Oakenfull, our Head of Curriculum and Education and Ableton Certified Trainer, created an insightful video, exploring the app’s new features.

According to Ableton, “Note is a place to start ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction. As part of your regular music-making routine, it can help you hone the skill of starting or ease into a creative headspace at the start of a session.” Using Note, you’ll be able to start song ideas to continue in Live, by sending your Note Set to Live via Ableton Cloud.

To download the project files from Ski’s Ableton Note video, head here – you’ll just need to log in with your email address.

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