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Gordon Raphael Production Masterclass (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Hinds)

We had the privilege of hosting Gordon Raphael at our Point Blank campus on Orsman Road for an enlightening masterclass centered around production and recording. Gordon, a luminary in the music industry with a rich and influential discography, particularly noted for his collaboration with The Strokes, shared insights from his extensive career.

He’s acclaimed for his pivotal role in shaping The Strokes’ iconic albums “Is This It” and “Room on Fire.” His masterclass offered a deep dive into how he harnessed the band’s raw, live energy using minimalist recording techniques, demonstrating his flair for authenticity and an exceptional ability to distill the true essence of a performance into a recording. Raphael’s session was not just a showcase of his remarkable career but also an invaluable learning experience, brimming with practical wisdom for anyone passionate about music production.

Raphael’s innovative approach extends beyond traditional methods. He discussed the use of a “chaos microphone” to encapsulate the ambiance of a band playing together and expressed his use of pioneering software like Emagic Logic and Protools. This blend of technical expertise and creative intuition defines his work.

An intriguing part of the masterclass was Raphael’s account of working with Regina Spektor on “Soviet Kitsch.” He employed unconventional techniques to record her unique sound, demonstrating his adaptability to different artists’ styles. Raphael also shared a humorous and insightful story about a recording session with Damon Albarn from Blur and Gorillas, illustrating the unpredictable nature of music production.

Raphael’s passion for synthesizers, especially the ARP Odyssey, and its impact on his songwriting and production, was evident. He also recounted his experiences touring with The Libertines, offering a glimpse into the challenges of touring life.

Throughout the masterclass, Raphael imparted valuable advice to aspiring producers and musicians, emphasizing the importance of trusting one’s instincts and understanding the artist’s vision. He reflected on the evolution of his songwriting and production style over the years and discussed his current and future projects, highlighting his ongoing contribution to the music industry.

If you’re considering a career in music production or looking to deepen your understanding of the industry, Point Blank offers a platform to engage with seasoned professionals like Raphael. Enrolling at Point Blank provides not only education but also unique opportunities to interact with industry experts, making it an invaluable experience for aspiring musicians and producers.

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