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Granular Synthesis Made Easy in Logic Pro

For this tutorial, Point Blank’s lecturer Dave Stone shows how you can chop up samples in Logic Pro to recreate the popular Granular Synthesis effect in the style of Bonobo and Four Tet.

Four Tet and Bonobo are best known for their ethereal take on dance music, maximising on emotive arpeggiators, luscious textures and hypnotizing melodies. The pair have become a staple in the electronic music scene over the last decade and have even joined forces with Four Tet remixing Bonobo’s track, ‘Pick Up’.

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To kick off the tutorial, Dave loads up a Rhodes piano sample to modulate. He activates Logic Pro’s Modulator and Mod Matrix, assigned to an LFO using random steps to trigger the sample’s start point. This creates a fluttering effect when playing the sample back, creating that sporadic and ethereal feel. Finally, Dave adjusts Sampler’s filter frequency and adds Echo to give the modulated piano a wider, richer texture.

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