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How to Create A Fat Sub Bass From Scratch in Logic Pro

In this tutorial, Point Blank LA lecturer, Davis, shows how you can create a sub-bass patch quickly in Logic Pro.

Generally, more popular in the genres of electronic music such as house, dubstep, drum & bass, trap and EDM, the sub bass draws energy from a low-frequency synthesizer or kick drum. Layering a sub bass with other elements of your track, including a mid-range bass or another synth, can make a big difference when played in a club on a larger system. Sub basses usually range from anywhere between 30 – 60hz and can be created easily using sine waves.

During the video, Davis runs through the ins and outs of creating a sub bass using Logic Pro’s inbuilt tools. Additionally, he shows how you can add some grit to your sub by adding distortion as well as a bit crusher.

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