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Jordan Suckley – C.Y.M Track Breakdown (Who’s Afraid of 138?!)

For our latest track breakdown and masterclass, we invited Jordan Suckley to chat through his latest track ‘C.Y.M’, out on the Armada sublabel Who’s Afraid Of 138?! and inspired by Armin van Buuren. The label’s title became something of a mantra and mission statement for the harder, beat-driven side of trance music, in which Jordan Suckley fits snugly. The track is out now on all major platforms.

Watch the video below to watch Jordan and DJ Ravine get deep under the hood of the track and, don’t forget, you can learn about all of the techniques demonstrated here with our production classes in London.

Jordan Suckley is a DJ, Producer and Radio Presenter with releases on Goodgrief, Reset, Black Hole, Armada and more. He used to host a show on Radio 1 as part of In New Music We Trust in 2012 and the decade or so of his career has seen him play all over the world. His current production style is described as tech-trance which, as he explains in the video, is most closely related to psy-trance but with more of traditional trance’s melodic breakdowns.

For this masterclass, he gives one of the most open looks into a working process of anyone who’s graced our studios – where some producers we suspect may have tidied up their workflow for our sake, Jordan lays all 120 channels bare. Much of these are effects which he describes as his favourite part of the production process, despite his penchant for getting stuck into them for weeks. percussion, breakdowns, bass and the more psy-trance-esque elements are all explained and more.

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** Editors note: Things have moved on significantly since this article was published 🙂 Please head to our blog homepage for the very latest track breakdowns & masterclasses at Point Blank.

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