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LateOn x CTY – Eureka EP: Out Now on PB Music!

Childhood friendships commonly spring from a shared liking for the same thing. You like spaghetti? I like spaghetti! Let’s be friends. Mmmm, spaghetti…

As adults the situation is often pretty similar, but with the addition of alcohol to wash away those pesky, cloying grains of social inhibition. For production duo LateOn and CTY, the team behind the latest release on the Eureka EP – the latest release on PB Music available on iTunes and Beatport now – the heartwarming dish of friendship was whipped up from a shared love of dance music. The pair, who grew up in similar cultures, met earlier this year whilst both studying at Point Blank’s London college. LateOn, originally from Colombia, recalls, “We met on a sunny evening. After having a drink and realizing we are both Latin American and we share the same love for techno and house we quickly grew became friends and set studio dates to collaborate and produce new music.”

LateOn began a Music Production & Sound Engineering Master Diploma at Point Blank in January where, in the same month, Peru-born CTY started an International Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma. CTY said: “While we were producing the EP we listened to tech house records for inspiration. We realised our musical and technical knowledge complimented each other.”

A mere seven months after meeting, the pair now release their three-track debut on Point Blank Music, and plan to continue collaborating. Track one ‘Eureka’ uses melodic percussion, reverb, eerily treated vocals, and a cheeky classic hip-hop drum fill to create a ghostly game of hide and seek in an abandoned factory. The second track ‘Red District’ lets loose with an initial nod to Run-DMC vs Jason Nevins’ ‘It’s Like That’. But, where you expect to hear those familiar blasts of brass, your ears are met instead with some pleasingly bouncing triplets in the drums followed by chopped up vocals, a warm bass, and swooshing, atmospheric melodic synth runs.

Third track Sunrise brings this debut EP to a strong and gosh darn happy close. From the summer party vibe we can surmise that the solar event for which it’s named came after a banging all-nighter round a mate’s place rather than a painfully early morning walk in the countryside. Play it at your party at 5am when the first fingers of dawn are stroking the walls and you’re finishing your rum and coke surrounded by friends who dance, eyes creased with happiness.

Eureka EP artwork

LateOn x CTY have played in numerous venues across Latin America and Europe including Smoking Molly in Bogota, Colombia, Bizarro in Lima and London’s very own Ministry of Sound.

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