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Making a Track with Big Kick and Carbon Electra from Plugin Boutique

As part of our partnership with Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique, we have a new tutorial for you featuring two fantastic plugins from Plugin Boutique. Carbon Electra is a synth plugin with a streamlined interface and loads of variation potential, while big kick does exactly what it says on the tin – making designing a weighty kick easier than ever before. At our London campus, we have a whole studio connected with the Loopcloud library along with these great plugins, all of which you can access when learning production with us in London.

The instructor featured in this video is Nick Feldman – who teaches production and sound design in London. Nick has releases on One Inch Punch, Bad Sekta & Frogs as Ronin. He DJs on radio and tours complex Ableton Live work around the world playing with Vex’d, Milanese, Crystal Distortion, Hellfish & Dead Silence Syndicate.

in the video, he begins with Big Kick, a fairly straightforward concept designed to make designing – you guessed it – a big sounding kick drum. It’s quick and easy to use but allows an impressive amount of tweaking. The body section is where you will create a boomy bottom end. Controlling the attack with pitch and tuning is where a higher end will give it definition. You can also add one or two samples to your kick to really give it character.

Next, Nick turns his attention to Carbon Electra which is primarily a subtractive synth and contains four oscillators, three routable LFOs, oscillator sync mode, frequency modulation, a pitchable noise oscillator plus an array of interesting effects. The sounds created are big and bold and the presets fit nicely in the mix. Both get the thumbs up from us, and are well worth a place in your instruments library.


Our London facility features a studio fully kitted out with Loopcloud licenses

As mentioned, we can teach you everything you need to know about music production. Our Music Production and Sound Engineering degree has been running for almost a year now and is also available to study online. We’ve also added new degrees beginning next year including the BA (Hons) in Music Production and DJ Practice, which, like our original degree, contains modules on sound design. Don’t forget you can talk with a course advisor if you have any further questions.

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