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Mixing Electric Bass (FFL!)

Acoustic and electric instruments have a constantly changing timbre and frequency response as they’re plucked, hit, strummed and bowed. Introducing them into electronic tracks can keep things varied across the arrangement, as well as adding a real-world feel to an otherwise loop-based track. However, getting instruments to sit alongside sampled and electronic sounds can be tough. PB instructor Anthony Chapman is here to show you how in today’s FFL.

You can watch it live below and 1pm or tune in after as it’ll be archived on our channel. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss our live events and tutorials! We’re also giving away the Ableton Rack used in the tutorial – you can download it here!

anthony_chapmanPB instructor Anthony Chapman (Klaxons, Franz Ferdinand) shows you how to mix electric bass in this week’s FFL!

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