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New Release on Point Blank Music: N0_Profit ‘Streets’

We’re back with another release on Point Blank Music. This time it comes from Point Blank London student Vittorio Perrini aka N0_Profit. ‘Streets’ is a thumping bass house track featuring epic crescendos, drops and tempo changes. PB Music is our platform for the release of music made by students and alumni, so if you study with us you can be in consideration too. If you’d like to learn how to produce, check out our production courses in London and Online.

‘Streets’ is out now via iTunes and Beatport and can be streamed on all major platforms including Spotify.

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We caught up with N0_Profit a week or so ago for a quick chat. Check out what he had to say below.

Can you give me a little background? How did you get into music in the first place?

The first time I really got into the music was almost 8 years ago, when I had my first gig at a club in my hometown. From then, it was very clear in my mind what I want to do in my life. I always need a way to communicate with the world around me. I’ll always remember when I played in front of a couple of thousands of people in my country and that night I really established a connection with the crowd. When I turned down the volume in the mixer everyone sang the song so loud that I wasn’t able to tell the difference. In a different way, that’s what I do when I write my own music. The music itself is a language, and when I write my music I’m writing emotions that I want to share with my listeners.

What did/are you studying with Point Blank and what’s been the biggest thing you’ve taken from it?

Currently, I’m attending Point Blank for nine months studying music production and sound engineering. I’m learning a lot of technical and artistic tools which are very useful to improve my productions. I’m at the beginning and I feel really involved in the entire experience, from the school/instructors and students to my life in one of the capitals of the music itself. I have very high expectations and for now, everything is going in the right direction.

Tell me about the EP, what went into making it?

“Streets” is a song that I started making it when I came to London. Due to the change in my life, I tried to change the rules of a “normal” club track, always maintaining the energy theme. That explains the general tempo changes in the track. The idea of this song is that it keeps the listener concentrated on the theme all the time.

You’ve decided to keep your real identity away from your releases as N0_Profit – What’s the thinking behind this?

N0_Profit is a very new project that I started at the end of 2017 realising my first track on Frisson Records. An Australian record label and this one is my second release. I decided to keep my real identity away from this project because I truly want my music speaks first. “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a
mask, and he will tell you the truth” Oscar Wilde. N0_Profit is a way to communicate with people that my project starts with no funds, my actual revenues are zero and what keeps me continuing doing it is my obsession to give people my point of view through music.

What have you got in store this year?

I’m looking for gigs and opportunities to keep in contact with listeners, you will hear for sure from me when my first gig will be booked. For now, I’m producing a lot.

Check out the rest of the releases on Point Blank Music’s YouTube channel, and study with us to build your skills and have a chance of releasing with us – or if your a student or alumnus and you have track that you think is ready for release – please send your demos to For more info head to our contact page and get in touch!

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