PB Recommends #49: Tessela, serpentwithfeet, Ciel and More

Point Blank Recommends is our monthly guide to the finest releases from across the musical spectrum. The office has been canvassed to find the tracks taking up permanent residence on our staff’s turntables and streaming platforms. London label Whities continues its ridiculous hot streak with tracks from Tessela and label favourite Lanark Artefax. ‘Glisten’, by the former is especially gorgeous: a dreamy cloud of warmth, liberally splashed with cut and paste vocal snippets and playful tinkering with pitch. Elsewhere, hi-def ambience makes its way to you via Dream Catalogue (Sangam), Toronto’s Ciel continues to confidently make a mockery of the confines of genre and Adult Swim Singles ups the ante with two stunning releases by Jaques Green and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

With the changing of the clocks, we have, in Britain, emerged from winter’s icy grip at last. The temperature is rising and the evenings no longer spent in complete darkness. This seems to be reflected in the music we are listening to at Point Blank too – you’ll notice an increased volume of warmth, ambience, and bright melodies. Suzanne Kraft has long been a stellar purveyor of sounds in this vein and it’s great to include the hazy ‘Accelerate (Middlesex Edit)’ here. So too, is it to include the latest offering from Dutch repress masters Music From Memory. You can’t spend all day listening to ambient sounds and have any energy to get anything done though, so we’ve thrown in some variation as well: Mytron and Ofofo supply some more oomph with their tropical offering, Let’s Eat Grandma lay the motivation on thick with the stadium-sized ‘Falling Into Me’ and Puma Blue serves up a slice of loose, jazz-flecked sleaze. Special mention also must go to serpentwithfeet, who may well be the owner of the most amazing voice we’ve ever heard.

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