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Percussion Masterclass With Jason Cooper (The Cure) and Sirishkumar Manji

When Point Blank Music School had the honour of hosting Jason Cooper, the iconic drummer from The Cure, for a masterclass, it wasn’t merely a session; it was an immersive dive into the heart of rhythm and percussion. Joined by the virtuoso tabla player Sirishkumar Manji, this masterclass became a fusion of traditional beats and rock’s pulsating rhythms, offering an exclusive learning experience for our students. At Point Blank, masterclasses with legends like these are a frequent opportunity, showcasing the unique experiences our courses offer. Explore our courses and apply now (London, LA, Online) to be part of our future events.

Jason Cooper shared not just his techniques but also his journey through the evolving landscape of music. From the tangible shift in venue dynamics to the digital transformation with streaming, Jason’s insights bridged the gap between the past’s raw energy and today’s digital outreach. His reflections on finding one’s sound within a band’s collaborative space highlighted the importance of creative freedom and the delicate balance between innovation and tradition. Jason’s advice to aspiring drummers and musicians resonated deeply, emphasising the significance of versatility, continuous learning, and the courage to experiment. His anecdotes about drawing inspiration from diverse sources, including jazz legends and the rhythmic patterns of nature, served as a testament to the eclectic influences that shape a musician’s unique sound.

The highlight of the evening was the electrifying jam session between Jason and Sirishkumar, a melding of cultures through the universal language of rhythm. Their synergy on stage, seamlessly blending the distinct drumming styles with tabla grooves, underscored the masterclass’s core message: music is a boundless, evolving form of expression, transcending genres and geographies.

For music producers, the session was a clarion call to integrate live instruments into their compositions, enriching their soundscapes with organic textures. Jason’s encouragement to “chop it up” and experiment with live recordings offered a fresh perspective on blending traditional instrumentation with electronic music’s futuristic vibes. This masterclass wasn’t just a lesson in drumming; it was an invitation to explore the infinite possibilities within music. At Point Blank, we’re committed to providing our students with such transformative experiences, guided by industry icons like Jason Cooper. Point Blank students also gain exclusive access to a comprehensive Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), packed with a plethora of free modules, resources, and interactive forums designed to enhance and support their educational journey. If you’re interested in drumming, take a look at our BA(Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering degree where you’ll be hands on with drum programming and recording with our expert lecturers and state of the art facilities. Whether you’re a budding drummer, a music producer, or an aspiring artist, our courses are designed to propel you into the heart of the music industry!

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