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Perspective: Music Industry Management Panel at Roundhouse London

Earlier this year (whilst we could still host and attend real-world events) we curated and led a special music industry-focused panel talk at London’s legendary Roundhouse venue. For the panel, we were joined by industry heads such as Matt Greer, an artist manager from ATC Management, Renell Shaw a songwriter and vocalist and our very own Lee Erinmez, world-renowned performing artist and songwriter and Point Blank Music Industry Management Programme Leader. Whilst there our guests discussed pressing issues that newcomers may face in the current musical climate and how to respond to them.

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During the video, the three industry experts discuss a wealth of important topics such as self-management, the importance of joining music industry organisations (and which ones), some legal basics on protecting your rights as a creator, the key changes in the music industry and how to adapt to them, the benefits of higher education and more.

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