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Perspective: Production Manager Joel Stanley (Dave/Stormzy) on the Future of Live Music

As music-makers and music fanatics, we’re all concerned about the wellbeing of the live music industry due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many creatives have taken to online streaming whilst others have focussed on producing more music rather than their live presence. Although the face of live music has changed drastically, there’s still a number of interesting avenues to consider regarding the future of live music.

For this video, Point Blank’s Music Industry Management degree programme leader, Lee Erinmez, sat down with Live Production Manager, Joel Stanley, to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the live music industry, how we can manoeuvre the current situation and how to get started in the music business. Joel Stanley is Head of Production and CEO of Production Value and during his illustrious career has worked alongside some of the biggest names in music, including Gorillaz, Kanye West, Dave, Stormzy, Calvin Harris, Rudimental and many others.

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During the video, Joel Stanley talks about his career beginnings playing drums in bands and how his dedication and reliability paved the way for more opportunities in the industry. He cut his teeth working alongside Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz as a drummer, and through his visible passion, dedication and “yes man” attitude, he was handed more roles for Albarn’s projects working on anything from spreadsheets to driving jobs. As things picked up for Stanley, he was eventually in such high demand that he had to put aside drumming and focus on his management prowess starting his own production company, Production Value. In addition to his career journey, he goes on to discuss the changes he’s seen in the live music industry and what the future holds for the sector following the breaking COVID-19 pandemic.

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