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Plugin of the Week: BX_Subsynth

A deep and clean low end can add that polished and rich sound to your mix. Whilst traditional EQ can help boost bass frequencies that are already present in your signal, there are times when you need to add a rich sub that is not there in the first place. The DBX 120XP, also known as the “boom box” is a hardware unit that is designed to add subharmonic frequencies to a signal by generating frequencies one octave lower than the original signal. Used by producers, mix engineers, sound designers and DJs, the DBX 120XP has long been a favourite when you need to create a bottom end that will move your speaker cones.

Brainworx has developed a new plugin, the BX_Subsynth, based on the DBX 120 and added further features such as a 3 frequencies sub synthesiser (the original had 2), a mid side and stereo option, mono maker and stereo width features as well as an “Edge”section which wasn’t available on the original hardware.

In this week’s episode, we take a look at the BX_Synth and try it on live drums, synths and FXs.

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