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Plugin of the Week: Mastering the Mix LEVELS

Any experienced engineer will tell you that you should only trust your ears when it comes to the sonic aspects of a mix. However there are times during the production process when you need some accurate visual feedback on what you’re listening to. Meters are our scientific measure of the nature of the music and can help us to evaluate what our ears might not pick up, such as very short peaks. In both mixing and mastering, engineers will typically use a range of metering tools to check specific technical aspects of the mix (peak, RMS, phase, etc). Although meters don’t make a mix sound good, they certainly can help make it sound ‘better’ – by informing us of critical issues.

Mastering the Mix, in collaboration with 29 Palms, has developed a metering system which includes all the essential metering tools that you may need during the mixing and mastering process, such as peak and true peak, phase and stereo image, LUFS, dynamic range. In addition to these, the interface also includes some monitoring functions as well as an innovative bass space feature. Watch it above and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials and live events.

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