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Point Blank Launches a Groundbreaking Virtual Learning Environment

Here at Point Blank we believe it’s essential to continually innovate, to find new ways to enhance the learning process and improve the student experience. That’s why, from the September term, Point Blank will be introducing a new, bespoke virtual learning environment – or VLE for short. Using our pioneering online school as the blueprint, we have developed the platform to provide students with a blended learning experience, balancing the flexibility of online learning with the access to our award-winning music schools based in London and LA. And as it’s been developed specifically for Point Blank, it is tailored closely to the specific needs of our students.

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Our online students have long reaped the benefits that comes with working with a digital environment that’s available 24/7, but the new VLE takes this much further. Plus, by extending access to all students, the study experience is enhanced across the board, making it easier for everyone to reach their full potential. But what precisely are the advantages? First and foremost, the new platform make it easier for students to interact with their instructors and fellow classmates outside of class time. Via the forum, students will be able to discuss, ask questions and cultivate collaborations, ultimately broadening the scope of what’s possible beyond the class room.

Another key advantage of the environment is accessibility – students will have 24/7 access to all learning materials which support what they’re working on in class. Students will be able to revisit particular areas of focus, allowing them to hone their skills and master the techniques they’re learning in the classroom in their own time. Students will also be able to watch videos and download other resources – such as projects – that are related to the module they’re taking.


Importantly, the VLE will host all information modules covering student fundamentals including programme information, study skills and essay writing skills. These additional resources will help unlock the full potential of studying at Point Blank and by having them all in one place referencing them at any time. Students will also be able to access our brand new library catalogue, featuring a carefully curated catalogue of specialist books and journals focusing on music industry, production, sound engineering and more.

The final and important development is that all assignments can now be submitted online, with grades and feedback also provided via the VLE. Where London and LA students previously had to submit work face-to-face, the option to submit remotely frees up crucial study time and gives students even more all-important hands-on time in the studio.

This September’s intake will be the first to take advantage of the VLE and there’s still time to enrol. Check out our full range of online music production courses, diplomas and our brand new BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering – our fully comprehensive, flagship degree – by heading here.

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