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Point Blank Recommends #32

Point Blank Recommends is your handy digest of the essential new music recommendations of the past four weeks. Whether you’re seeking fresh inspiration or just looking to refresh your listening habits, PBR#32 has got you covered. As always, this one covers a broad spectrum of electronic music perfect for these strange times, so open your mind, your ears and a fresh tab on your browser of choice and get refreshing those listening habits with our handy Soundcloud playlist.

Taking the temperature of where music’s at in August 2016, the playlist kicks off low key style with a much-anticipated track from Kuedo, lifted from Slow Knife, his first album since Severant rewrote the rules back in 2010. We’ve also included new music from Afik Naim – the up-and-coming Israeli techno producer who’s poised to release on Steffi’s vinyl-only label Dolly, while James Baron’s alter ego Ron Basejam doesn’t scrimp on the funk on disco cut ‘The Carrington Spirituals’. We round off with some grime courtesy of Ice Kid and Chip… Eclectic much? And we haven’t even scratched the surface.

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