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Point Blank Recommends #34

Point Blank Recommends is your handy digest of our essential new music recommendations, whether it’s box-fresh material or tracks that may have slipped under the radar. If you’re seeking fresh inspiration from unusual places, PBR#34 has got you covered. As always, this one covers a broad spectrum of electronic music perfect, so open your mind, your ears and a fresh tab on your browser of choice and get refreshing those listening habits with our handy Soundcloud playlist.

Taking the temperature of where music’s at in October 2016, the playlist kicks off with fresh material from PC Music who continue to shore up their transition from art school provocateurs to pop legitimacy. For those preferring a deeper tip, the new Anthony Naples EP on Trilogy Tapes is slow release house music for the wee hours, while New York’s The Nativist resurfaces the vital and raw sensibilities of jungle on ‘Various Options’. Elsewhere, the young producer Bludwork proves why he’s one to keep an eye on with his low-key and strangely affecting ‘Witness’ on 100% Silk. And that’s before we get to the new deliveries from Apron Records, PAN, SunkLo and more. We defy you not to be inspired.

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