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Point Blank Recommends #51 – Ploy, Blawan, Buttechno & Much More

Every month when it’s time for Point Blank Recommends, we get super excited to share with you the tracks that have been flying around the Point Blank office, emailed to one another and generally shouted about whenever the situation allows. Believe us when we say that (beyond very strong coffee) the primary power source of the paragon of productivity that is Point Blank is the music we listen to; which is fitting for a music school we think. This month it’s quite a heavy affair with Ploy returning to Batu’s ever-impressive Timdance imprint, mind-melting electro on Don’t Be Afraid, Blawan serving up his trademark concussive hammer blows and more besides. It’s not all boom and gloom, however – peep one of our favourites from DJ Koze’s new record for some heavy wooze, Pat Ca$h’ lab-made eulogy for a deep dream and Tenderlonius as he reminds us of his (and his 22a imprint’s) impact on London’s flourishing jazz scene. Fun for the whole family.

For more music, tutorials and class insights head to the Point Blank YouTube channel. We hope these sounds inspire you to take the next step in your music making, and whatever that means to you, we can provide the guidance you need at Point Blank. Our comprehensive BA (Hons) in Music Production & Sound Engineering is a great place to start looking, while we’ve also added two new degree courses ready for next semester: the BA (Hons) in Music Production and DJ Practice and the BA (Hons) in Music Industry Management. If you’re looking for something shorter, have a look at our radio and DJ. If you’d like to know more, you can find all the ways to contact us here.

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