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Point Blank Student Experiences – Behind The Scenes with The Prodigy at Alexandra Palace London

At Point Blank Music School, we believe in hands-on, real-world experiences as a crucial part of learning. That’s why Alex Wood, our esteemed programme leader, took an enthusiastic group of students to Alexandra Palace, setting the stage for an unforgettable educational experience at The Prodigy’s gig.

A Day with Industry Professionals


This unique field trip wasn’t just about enjoying the electrifying atmosphere of a live concert. It was an immersive learning journey, guided by Alex Wood. Students had the exclusive opportunity to engage with the tour manager, sound engineer, and crew members of the Prodigy. These interactions were not just enlightening; they demystified the intricate process of live performances.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Witnessing the setup for the Prodigy gig, our students gained insights into the complexities of the live performance industry. This experience was a perfect example of Point Blank’s commitment to providing education that extends far beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

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