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Producer Analysis: Learn the Techniques Behind Burial’s Signature Sound

Welcome to the first instalment of Producer Analysis, a series where we break down some of the key techniques an influential producer uses to create their signature sound and apply them in different ways. First up, we have the elusive Burial who’s championed for his shuffle-y dark UKG beats, ambient textures and emotional vocal work. If you’d like to start honing your signature production style and learn some of the powerful techniques ground-breaking producers use, check out our line of courses in London, LA and online.

Burial is still regarded as one of the most innovative music producers in the UK underground scenes. His unique style has spawned an army of copycat musicians across the globe trying to replicate the sounds from his releases on Kode9’s Hyperdub label.

In the video below, Point Blank Course Developer Chris Martin shows how you can apply Burial’s production techniques to create a dark trap beat using off-grid percussion, video game samples and more.

If you can’t wait for our next Producer Analysis video, we’d highly recommend checking out our popular Deconstruction series where our Head of Education & Development, Ski Oakenfull, breaks down a popular track to its raw elements and builds it back up from the ground. Interested in learning more about production in-depth? We’re currently offering 25% off our selected online and LA courses using the codes ONLINE25 and LA25 at checkout before July 6th. Additionally, if you want to study in London, you can bag yourself a free module worth £1,995 by signing up before July 6th.

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