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Richie Hawtin SONAR 2016 Masterclass: PLAYdifferently MODEL 1

Richie Hawtin is on a mission. Dissatisfied with the sound quality and functionality of the industry-standard DJ mixers on the market, he went to work with ex-Allen & Heath designer Andy Rigby-Jones to design a mixer focusing on high quality sound, filters and functions. The result is the MODEL 1, the first release in Richie’s PLAYdifferently movement.


We decided to invite him along to our SONAR+D workshop to tell us a bit more about why he decided to create the Model 1 and why he felt the need to do it at all. It was an informative talk, with insight into his approach to DJing, sound manipulation and hardware design, as well as performance to give you a sneak peek into the sound of the mixer. Watch the video above and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more tutorials and live events.

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