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Roger Sanchez on: DJing, Creativity & Ableton Live

Either through his remixes, productions, DJ sets or aliases, Roger Sanchez is one of the most influential house producers ever. From winning a Grammy for his remix of No Doubt to chart success with his number one single Another Chance, not only has the S-Man conquered the global music scene, he’s also smashed the underground with his array of aliases and styles.

We invited him to Point Blank London to find out more about his approach to DJing, production, technology and his new compilation for Defected: Strictly Roger Sanchez. Watch the video above and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more interviews and live events.

strictly_roger_sanchez_1500x1500Strictly Roger Sanchez features 30 unmixed remixes, productions and releases from Roger Sanchez’s acclaimed career 

Did you know that legendary artists like Roger Sanchez are regularly popping by Point Blank? We’ve got industry standard equipment for you to learn your craft on including Pioneer CDJ-2000nxs and DJM-900nxs as well as Ableton Push 2, NI Maschine and much more.

Our brand new second London facility is also the UK’s only school with a 48-channel SSL Duality Delta! SSL is the pinnacle name in console design and have been used in every major studio in the past 30 years. Get yourself enrolled on our Complete Master Diploma in London now.

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  1. Gr8 interview with Roger! I really like what he said about being creative with limited equipment… Which is basically how I work today. I’m also glad I kept my dat recorder/player and promo dat tapes… I have the same day player one he has.

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