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See AIAIAI’s Brand New Wireless+ TMA-2 Headphones in Action

We’re back with another review, this time looking at AIAIAI Audio’s brand new TMA-2 Wireless+ studio headphones.

TMA-2 is an award-winning modular headphone from audio heavyweights, AIAIAI Audio. The TMA-2’s are trusted for music creativity and in the most vigorous environments – on the road, in the studio and on stage. The brand new wireless version combats those pesky latency issues, using a battery-powered wireless transmitter that connects to an aux input. Boasting only 16 milliseconds of latency from workstations to the headphones themselves, these are perfect for jumping between instruments in the studio as well as DJing – without having to worry about getting tangled up.

To prove just how tactile these headphones are, DJ Ravine uses them to perform a scratch routine before attempting the same thing using Apple AirPods. Find out more about the perks of using AIAIAI Audio’s new wireless TMA-2s below. 

If you’d like to get your hands on a pair of the AIAIAI Audio TMA-2 Wireless+, you can pre-order them now.

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