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Student Opportunity: Virtual Perception (VRLA School)

At Point Blank, we’re able to draw on our far-reaching network of industry contacts to source the best career opportunities for our students and alumni. These can take the form of exclusive competitions, job openings, internships and other crucial entry points into the highly competitive music business. This week, we’re presenting a very special opportunity for one music producer eager to have their music reach a broad audience of tech-savvy tastemakers. Remember, only PB students and alumni are eligible to apply.

The VRLA School and Mack Sennett are teaming up for a very special speaker session and demo event called Virtual Perception. The session will be explore the interplay of all our senses in virtual reality and augmented reality; what happens when we open up areas of cognition beyond sight and sound when creating VR/AR experiences? What if you could recreate, serve, augment, choreograph, and mix smell, taste, and touch, too? These are the questions at the very cutting edge of immersive tech that this gathering of creators, researchers and innovators will be exploring. For those based in Los Angeles, tickets are available to purchase here – use the code pointblankVRLA for a 30% discount on your ticket! 

Do you have what it takes to write the future-focused soundtrack to VRLA School: Mack Sennett Presents Virtual Perception?

Where do you come in? The organisers have approached Point Blank in their search for a music producer to create a soundtrack to their recap video of the session. A 45 – 60 second snippet will be used for VRLA’s YouTube and Instagram and they are looking for an upbeat, electronic track to fit the specific tone of the future-facing event. The themes that entrants are to consider are as follows: cinematic, percussive (for easy video cuts), emotive, immersive, upbeat, inspirational build. Think of artists like Odesza, Flume, Mazde, Whethan, Point Point, TRAILS and similar and you’re on the right track. The deadline for submission is 4th December. Please email Louise in the first instance, who will provide application details. Remember, you have to be a PB student or alumni to apply.

The winning entry will receive promotion through the VRLA newsletter (17,700 subscribers), Twitter (16,000 followers), Facebook (4,800 likes) and Instagram (almost 2,000 followers). They will also received a link and credit to their work in the description of YouTube video, which will be shared across Point Blank, VRLA and Mack Sennett networks. The event will also be moderated by Claire L. Evans from YACHT, so the winner can be assured their music will also be heard by some industry tastemakers.

Please see previous videos for further clues as to the mood – and good luck!

(On the above video, the music should be noted at 2:23 onwards)

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